Our Team

At Central Dentists Springfield Lakes, we are extrememly proud of our diverse, professional team that provides the care and support for all your needs!

We take a multi disciplinary approach to treating our patients. Each day we all work together for complex dental planning and for cases that involve dentures, extractions and dental stabilisation.
Our team can manage all dental needs. We utilize the resources, knowledge and experience of as many as 7 clinicians.

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  • Safa Souzani

    Dr Safa Souzani

    Has a passion for dental cosmetic enhancement

    Dr. Safa Souzani graduated in 1998 from the university of Otago and was one of the youngest private practicing dentists in Australia.

    Two years after joining the the New Farm private cosmetic practice Safa became the principal dentist and was working in conjunction with a plastic surgeon on all cosmetic dental cases.

    Safa has completed extensive postgraduate courses in the areas of cosmetic dentistry, dental implants and patient and practice management.

    Springfield Lakes Dental is the second practice he has established in Brisbane.

  • Patrick McCallister

    Dr Patrick McCallister

    Has a passion for root canal, crown and bridge work

    Dr Patrick McCallister has over thirty years experience as a dentist in private practice in the United Kingdom and Australia.

    Patrick has owned two private practices in the UK and is now a key part of the Springfield Lakes dental practice, focussed on all restorative work such as root canal therapy, crown and bridge and implant placement.

    Dr McCallister has travelled extensively throughout the world and treats his patients according to their needs.

  • Sandra Arellano

    Dr Sandra Arellano

    Has a passion for restorative and paediatric dentistry

    Dr Sandra Arrellano graduated in dentistry from the University of Colombia, Bogota and has also had extensive training in Australia.

    Sandra is a very gentle dentist and enjoys working with children and elderly patients.

    As well as her clinical experience, Dr Arrellano has considerable experience in dental practice management.

  • George Samios

    Dr George Samios

    Has a passion for surgical wisdom teeth and implantology

    Dr George Samios has extensive experience in surgical tooth/ wisdom tooth removal, undertaken either under local anaesthetic or IV sedation.

    George is a very gentle and caring dentist with over thirty years experience in private practice in Brisbane.

    Dr Samios visits Springfield Lakes Dental practice every two weeks.

  • Jignesh Raval

    Dr. Jignesh Raval

    Has a passion for orthodontics and tooth replacement with crown/bridge

    Dr Jignesh Raval graduated in 2007, and worked at Southern Downs Dental in Warwick where he gained experience in all aspects of dentistry
    including crown and bridge, root canal therapy and surgery for tricky extractions. He still travels to Warwick regularly to do this work.

    Jignesh has also worked at a practice in Yeppoon where he gained further crown and bridge experience, and undertook some further studies in orthodontics.

    Jignesh enjoys outdoors activities and keeping fit. He balances this with learning the piano and improving his musical skills.

  • Peter Agosta

    Peter Agosta

    Dental Prosthetist

    Peter Agosta plays a major part in the multidisciplinary team at Springfield Lakes Dental Practice.

    Peter creates and fits removable dentures, full upper and lower dentures and implant retained dentures.

    Peter also maintains his own private denture clinic in West End, and visits Springfield Lakes every Friday. Peter and Safa have been working together between West End and Springfield Lakes over the last ten years.

  • Aimee Swain

    Aimee Swain

    Dental Therapist

    Aimee completed her bachelor of Oral health at the University of Queensland’s school of dentistry in Brisbane. Aimee is passionate about all aspects of preventative care and oral health education for both adults and children. As an Oral health Therapist, Aimee provides our adult patients with routine gum care and maintenance and also treats children for preventative and restorative care. Aimee actively promotes oral health within the community and has been a guest speaker at local mothers groups and childcare facilities.

  • Alicia Mclady

    Alicia Mclady

    Oral health therapist.

    Alicia completed her Bachelor of Oral Health at the University of Queensland in Brisbane. Alicia is specifically trained in the prevention of gum disease, the promotion of oral health, education of patients to maintain a healthy smile and the achievement of optimal oral health for both adults and children. As an Oral Health Therapist, Alicia also has a focus on pediatric general dentistry treating patients up to the age of 18 years. Alicia is committed to preventative dentistry and improving the comfort and wellbeing of her patients. Alicia also has a particular interest in tooth whitening and loves helping her patients achieve their whitest and brightest smiles.